T-Mobile Tweaks WEB’N’WALK

T-Mobile has come up with another significant move on the tariff front: the web’n’walk mobile internet access service will soon be available for £7.50 a month as an add-on to the Relax and Flext tariffs…

T-Mobile will also be offering customers a range of new handsets, (available from June), a spruced-up homepage with more categories and webmail links, and improved support for email.

Phil Chapman, Marketing Director of T-Mobile UK, said: “By making the service unlimited and framing it as an add-on to Relax and Flext tariffs, web’n’walk becomes a core part of our product range.

“What we have now is a truly open mobile internet service that will appeal to a much wider audience. Our aim is to make web’n’walk the choice for any mobile phone user who wants to access the Internet on the move.”