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To help better inform resellers on some of the key technologies driving the market, we also create a number of stand-alone dedicated Channel Guides.

Security 2017

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The security industry as a whole has experienced unprecedented growth over the last five years as threats have emerged on a number of fronts. Walking around the major security exhibitions it is plain to see that from prevention to mitigation, the market is thriving. Until now, much of the Channel has reverted to basic security measures to protect their customer’s which, for the most part, has been just a box ticking exercise. Expecting the products you procure from suppliers to be secure straight from the box is now an unrealistic expectation and I believe the Channel has a huge opportunity to expand their revenue streams from building a profitable security portfolio.

The main stream media has played a large part in raising the awareness of the security threats out in the market, customers are now aware that breaches are common place and can be potentially devastating. With the GDPR rules coming in, partners face legislation which will force them to wake up and listen to this market. Everyone seems to be acutely aware of the 2018 deadline for GDPR coming into force but I get the feeling people still feel it’s that dot in the distance which they have time to prepare for. They don’t. Re-organising your organisation and processes takes an enormous amount of thought and effort, waiting until January to act will leave Channel partners, and their customers, exposed operationally and financially.

With this guide, we aim to educate and provide Channel partners with strategies to cope with this change. Those security companies that are educating and guiding the Channel through these changes will ultimately play a central role in educating our readership. Who is leading this market? I believe the winners have yet to be defined clearly, partly as the threat landscape is so diverse. We look to add some clarity for partners about the market and talk to some of those potential leaders of the future.

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