A quality database does not evolve overnight but Comms Business has enjoyed over a decade of major investment and daily maintenance.

Comms Business was the first and only title serving the comms sector to conduct an independent circulation audit from its first issue. Each and every year The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) conducts a detailed audit of our database to ensure that we are delivering to our advertisers exactly what we claim to.

As in all aspects of our magazine, we aim to offer quality and integrity as a matter of course.

Comms Business achieves its highest ever circulation!

The newly published 2015 ABC Audit figures show that Comms Business leads the market with 100% of their circulation requested and a higher average circulation than its closest competitor.


What this means to you.

A magazine’s controlled circulation will comprise individual requests where the person has asked to receive the magazine themselves, a company request where another individual at the company has requested copies on behalf of the recipient (either by name or job title/job function) and non requested copies where the magazine is sent to people who have not asked for the magazine.

Key figures comparing the Comms Business and Comms Dealer 2015 Audits: –

Average Net Circulation 19351 16118 Comms Business sends out 3233 more copies
Total Net Circulation of audit issue 19446 16716 Comms Business sent out 2730 more copies
Individual Requests 17156 10409 Comms Business sends out 6747 more individually
requested copies
Company Requests 1562 6307 Comms Business sends out 4745 fewer company
requested copies
Non requested 0 341 Comms Business does not send out non requested
Year One requests 3956 5811
Year Two requests 7401 5520
Year Three requests 7361 5385


A larger, newer circulation sent to people who have individually asked to receive the magazine means that advertising in Comms Business stands a far greater chance of reaching and being read by people active in the Comms, IT and Mobile Channel.




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