Deadlines 2014


Editorial Deadline

Advertising Deadline

Dec 2013 01-Nov 14-Nov
January 03-Dec 14-Dec
February 06-Jan 14-Jan
March 03-Feb 14-Feb
April 03-Mar 14-Mar
May 01-Apr 15-Apr
June 01-May 14-May
July 20-May 13-Jun
August 01-Jul 15-Jul
September 01-Aug 14-Aug
October 01-Sep 15-Sep
November 01-Oct 14-Oct
December 03-Nov 14-Nov

Please note that the deadline date set is the LAST date on which contributions can be received and we recommend that you send in your contributions as soon as you can, as throughout the year there are circumstances under which articles are started and completed early. If you are in any doubt please contact the editorial team.

Editorial for our supplements and articles can be submitted any time after publication of the synopsis. It is essential, to be considered for inclusion in articles, that you adhere to the synopsis in your submissions. Whilst we are keen to see alternative suggestions please discuss these with the editorial team in the first instance.

Please do not confuse Editorial deadlines with deadlines for advertising - they are very different.

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