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Comms Business editorial team has many years experience working within the industry. Our features represent the topics that are currently of most interest to our readers. Written by experts we cut through the hype and cover the real issues making Comms Business a must read every month.

Below are details of the main features planned for the coming issues; these represent only a fraction of the content of each issue but allow you to plan your PR and advertising activity at the most relevant times of the year.

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Month 2017 Market Report 1 Market Report 2  Market Report 3 Guides
January Voice & Data Distribution Digital Transformations (Primer) Wireless Solutions
February  Call Recording
(including Mobile recording)
Liquid Infrastructures (SDN) Post Brexit Update  Channel Profiles
March Contextual Communications Audio & Video Conferencing Mobile Data – International Roaming
April  SIP Trunks & Phones UC for the SME Mobile World Congress
May Headsets (including mobile) The Rise of Public Cloud Build to Sell: The Facts! M2M Guide
June   Communications Management Disrupting Technologies & Applications Mobile Device Management – Handling BYOD Channel Guide to Security
July Hosted & Cloud based Telephony Making Big Data Work for SMEs Mobile
Virtual Network Operators
August  The Smart Office/Utilities Tech Investment: The UK Landscape WebRTC: A Disruptive Force?
September  Digital Transformation Opportunities Data Security The Rise of OTT Apps
October  Differentiating ISPs Billing Services for Business 5G: Roll Outs
November Call and Contact Centres Connectivity – Getting Access Right M2M
December Preview of 2018 Self Service – Provisioning Portals VR – A Channel Play?


Synopsis For Monthly Features



The market for business grade headsets is highly competitive with distributors and vendors constanty vying for position and advantage through innovation and/or innovative pricing.

This report will look at the UK market and see where the current leaders are positioned in regards to technology as well as their commercial propositions for the channel through feedback from vendors, distributors and resellers.


  • What are the trends in the market?
  • What are the most popular models?
  • How are collaboration applications such as Skype for Business and other UC apps impacting business?
  • Are wireless – DECT/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi headsets, selling well and in what typical applications?
  • Are there any sectors that are performing well?
  • Tips for building sales and making margin

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Deadline: Editorial – 3rd April

The Rise of the Public Cloud

When Amazon Web Services officially launched in 2006 it was fulfilling a growing need for self-service computing. The dot-com era had come and gone and a digital economy was growing out of the ashes. Today, a decade later, applications have become the lifeblood of the enterprise and their route one strategy is the cloud.

In this article Ian Hunter looks at how the rise of the public cloud is dominating the agenda in certain sectors of the market and at who the main players are and answers questions such as, ‘Is it true to say that for every order the likes of Amazon gets that becomes a server order the channel loses? And, if IaaS providers deliver the building blocks how do you decide which blocks users need to meet business demands. Is the result really guaranteed to be increased business agility?’

In this context what are the key questions that need to be understood by the channel?

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Deadline: Editorial – 3rd April

Build to Sell

Building a Channel business is no easy feat. In this article we take a look at those that have managed to build successful businesses and have sold up to either start over or put their feet up. Comms Business will be seeking input from those they perceive as ‘growth specialists’ for practical advice on growing a successful company and also to those that have managed to exit or are specialist in helping Channel businesses exit the market. Questions asked will be, but not limited to the following

  • What are the common pitfalls Channel businesses come up against in the ‘early years’. Should the focus be on growth growth and more growth?
  • How should the Channel be building their businesses today in a modern market?
  • Hints, tips and advice for building up to a sale?
  • Going through the acquisition process, what are the important things to ensure you maximise value and pave the way for your next steps?

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Deadline: Editorial – 3rd April



Communications Management

Communications management products are a great way to find out more about your customers as well as being a vehicle through which your clients can measure and control their costs.

We ask the following questions:

  • Today call management applications have become far more than the call loggers of yesteryear. So apart from logging of voice calls what ‘extra’ features do they have?
  • There seems to be a trend of integrating call management products with other applications – call recording and call/contact centre for example. Is this the case and typically what additional opportunities do vendors provide the channel?
  • How can call management be used throughout an organisation? Say by the services team, help desk, accounts, sales & marketing etc. etc.
  • How best can resellers demonstrate the value of call management applications to their customers?

Case Studies welcome

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Deadline: 4th May


Disrupting Technologies and Applications

Is disruption going to happen to you or because of you? It’s an interesting question. Consider; if interaction means doing the same things better and innovation is doing new things then disruption is doing new things that make the old things obsolete! Disruption is the end of ‘business as usual’.

There’s no guarantee for any new technology or application but there are more ideas and suggestions for what will become disruptive over the short term that you can shake a stick at and here Ian Hunter makes a call on what he believes could be the new disruptors.

Taking in the views of some key observers (there are no experts in Hunter’s opinion) this article attempts to draw from the current crop of disruptive applications to see if there are common attributes as to what makes a successful disruptor.

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Deadline: 4th May


Mobile Device Management

Businesses are facing risks from every corner of the market at present. One such area is the rise of un-checked mobile devices roaming around the corporate network. Often refered to as ‘Shaddow IT’ people are using their personal devices to get their everyday jobs done which is creating a major security headache for those responsible for securing the IT network. Mobile Device Management has seen steady growth and 2017 will provide more opportunities for partners to sell these types of solutions into customers or even bundle them in as part of their wider comms and IT sale.

The intent of MDM is to optimise the functionality and security of a mobile communications network while minimising cost and downtime.

Comms Business challenges the following issues:

  • Has the UK woken up to MDM as an essential tool to protecting business data?
  • Is MDM an enterprise sell only? How has the SMB market embraced this technology?
  • Which solutions are actively being sold by the reseller channel? Does MDM represent a high margin opportunity?
  • Are consumer versions of security apps being adopted by businesses wanting to save money? What are the risk to this type of behaviour?
  • Will MDM continue to be the next phase of securing devices in the workplace, what will we see in the next 12 months in this space?

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Deadline: 4th May