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January Voice & Data Distribution Digital Transformations (Primer) Wireless Solutions
February  Call Recording
(including Mobile recording)
Liquid Infrastructures (SDN) Post Brexit Update  Channel Profiles
March Contextual Communications Audio & Video Conferencing Mobile Data – International Roaming
April  SIP Trunks & Phones UC for the SME Mobile World Congress
May Headsets (including mobile) The Rise of Public Cloud Build to Sell: The Facts! M2M Guide
June   Communications Management Disrupting Technologies & Applications Mobile Device Management – Handling BYOD Channel Guide to Security
July Hosted & Cloud based Telephony Making Big Data Work for SMEs Mobile
Virtual Network Operators
August  The Smart Office/Utilities Tech Investment: The UK Landscape WebRTC: A Disruptive Force?
September  Digital Transformation Opportunities Data Security The Rise of OTT Apps
October  Differentiating ISPs Billing Services for Business 5G: Roll Outs
November Call and Contact Centres Connectivity – Getting Access Right M2M
December Preview of 2018 Self Service – Provisioning Portals VR – A Channel Play?


Synopsis For Monthly Features


Digital Transformation Opportunities

As we noted earlier in the year, analyst firm IDC and others say that 50% and upwards of ICT spending from now to 2020 will be on Digital Transformations (DX). Having explained in our January issue what comprises a DX we now move on to what the desired outcomes are that firms are trying to achieve and look at examples of a successful Digital Transformation.

We want to hear from suppliers of key DX components such as UCaaS vendors and network connectivity suppliers on how they are putting across the DX messages to their channel partners.

Is the channel now receptive to the DX concepts and what challenges do they face in grasping the opportunities presented?

Submit to: ian@commsbusiness.co.uk

Deadline: 2nd August


Data Security

The UK Government revealed the findings of their Cyber Security Breaches Survey in the Spring where it found that just under half (46%) of all UK businesses identified at least one cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months.

Despite three-fifths (61%) of firms holding personal data on customers electronically, only 37% of businesses have any rules around its encryption.  What’s more, only a quarter (26%) of businesses reported the most disruptive breach externally to anyone other than a cyber security provider, a statistic that will undoubtedly change when the EU GDPR is enforced in 2018.

Data security is far bigger an issue today than it was just a year ago and tomorrow, with the likes of GDPR, it will become even more important as firms begin to receive huge, potentially crippling, fines for non-compliance.

We look at what security vendors are doing beyond the scare stories to help channel partner prepare their customers for the big kick off in May 2018.

Submit to: ian@commsbusiness.co.uk

Deadline: 2nd August


The Rise of OTT (Over The Top) Apps

In a business world dominated by mobile technology the mobile app is now powering many businesses through a number of different functions. File sharing, conferencing, email, and more recently social media and VoIP calling are just some of the functions powered by mobile applications. Is there an angle for resellers here? Bespoke apps are easier to develop than ever before and many businesses require assistance in setting up and managing their mobile app estate. Here we take a look at the OTT App space:

  • What is the major use case(s) for apps in business?
  • Where is the Channel seeing the most traction with apps? E.g. MDM, UC, Conferencing apps.
  • Is there an opportunity for resellers to develop apps for customers?
  • Is the consumer app space impacting resellers directly?
  • Where are the major opportunities for resellers to get involved with apps either through developing or managing an app estate?

Case Studies welcome

Submit to: david@commsbusiness.co.uk

Deadline: 2nd August