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Call & Contact Centres
Customer Service Excellence (CX) is being touted as the new sales and marketing department and no business wanting to be taken seriously would not want to be making a big song and dance about their own ‘Customer First’ ethos.
In this article we’ll be looking at how call and contact centres can contribute towards that strategy – for example;

  • How significant is the role of the contact centre within a Digital Transformation (DX)?
  • What do vendors understand by the term ‘Omni-Channel’ and how important is this in the overall CX mix?
  • And here’s a curve ball – what will be the impact of GDPR on the future role of the Contact Centre?
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    Deadline: 3rd Oct

Connectivity – Getting Access Right
There are so many options for access these days that you could be forgiven for failing to be up to date with developments in this vital market.
Further referencing to the Ofcom UK CMR will reveal current usage trends and fibre availability and we will provide comment on those issues.
For resellers the key issue is thought to be ‘how do I determine the right level of connectivity for my customers?’ We will therefore be asking the key accee firm what the right questions to ask users are.
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Deadline: 3rd Oct

IoT in the Channel
We have all seen the figures published by the analysts which put the IoT worth hundreds of billions over the next five years but what is the Channel doing about it? Frustration has been building in the market until now where resellers have read lots about M2M but are not exactly sure how to apply that to their current business. However, increasingly we are hearing stories of resellers making strides in this market and selling solutions across a wide variety of customers.

  • Have the business benefits to IoT been realised yet?
  • What type of solutions are currently available and being actively sold by resellers?
  • Are there big areas of disconnect in IoT due to the sheer numbers of providers involved in the chain?
  • Has the IoT value chain been properly realised by partners, is the perception still that money is hard to come by in IoT?
  • Is getting into IoT a dangerous game if you aren’t aware of the market? Is getting stuck with support contracts the major risk with IoT if a partner wants out?
  • What are the major developments that will impact the Channel over the next 12 months?
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    Deadline: 3rd Oct

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