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Month 2017 Market Report 1 Market Report 2  Market Report 3 Guides
January Voice & Data Distribution Digital Transformations (Primer) Wireless Solutions
February  Call Recording
(including Mobile recording)
Liquid Infrastructures (SDN) Post Brexit Update  Channel Profiles
March Contextual Communications Audio & Video Conferencing Mobile Data – International Roaming
April  SIP Trunks & Phones UC for the SME Mobile World Congress
May Headsets (including mobile) The Rise of Public Cloud Build to Sell: The Facts! M2M Guide
June   Communications Management Disrupting Technologies & Applications Mobile Device Management – Handling BYOD Channel Guide to Security
July Hosted & Cloud based Telephony Making Big Data Work for SMEs Mobile
Virtual Network Operators
August  The Smart Office/Utilities Tech Investment: The UK Landscape WebRTC: A Disruptive Force?
September  Digital Transformation Opportunities Data Security The Rise of OTT Apps
October  Differentiating ISPs Billing Services for Business 5G: Roll Outs
November Call and Contact Centres Connectivity – Getting Access Right M2M
December Preview of 2018 Self Service – Provisioning Portals VR – A Channel Play?


Synopsis For Monthly Features




Digital Transformations:

It is said by IDC and others that 50% and upwards of ICT spending from now to 2020 will be on Digital Transformations (DX). This article looks to explain exactly what a DX is and it’s likely to be a myriad of views as each firm undertaking a DX will have different needs – but hopefully there are some core elements. Based largely on his own perspectives, writer Ian Hunter will also be casting his net over other analyst opinion and will attempt to come up with a channel plan for resellers looking to maximise their own DX opportunities.


Wireless Solutions:

Is the wireless market slipping down the agenda for business and users? With AT&T citing disappearing wireless volumes as one reason they are plugging the hole with alternative revenue streams from an $85 billion purchase of Time Warner are there problems at the mill for wireless vendors? Writer Ian Hunter examines this perspective along with the help of vendors to bring readers up to date on the latest 802.x developments that could breathe life in to the market as well as giving some consideration to a possible impact coming in from left field in the form of 5G.


Voice, Data and Mobile Distribution

Keeping up to date with distributor activity can useful but a time consuming activity. In this feature we aim to produce an easily digestible roundup of distributor activities and trends in the market across the voice, data and mobile sectors. Will be asking key distributors for their views on the market as well as…


  1. Disruptive Channel products for 2017?
  2. The impact of technology trends on distributor activity (e.g. cloud and IoT)?
  3. Are resellers still interacting with distributors and purchasing products in the way they always have? (e.g. prevalence of online purchasing?)
  4. Opinions on key market trends for the future? How do disties need to position themselves to retain their partners and gain new ones?





Call Recording:

With the on-going advance of the ‘mobile enterprise’ and with so many firms now needing compliance-based solutions, the call recording market remains very dynamic and there are now affordable solutions for the channel to suit all business types.


Comms Business Magazine will focus on;

  • Differences between SME and Mid-Market Solutions
  • How to identify and sell the applications.
  • How easy is it for reseller to sell mobile recording applications?
  • Can mobile and fixed line recording solutions be easily integrated?


Liquid Infrastructure:

Today, the drivers for change within organisations are many and compelling. In order to retain customers and gain competitive advantage organisations must display the nimbleness and high degree of flexibility that demonstrates. It is this fleetness of foot that characterises a responsive company. And, they must be capable of demonstrating these characteristics in each and every territory in which they operate.


This flexibility has many aspects: If you have a new team being set up in a remote location then they need support immediately. If you add 20 employees to an existing team then they need common business tools straight away and not in weeks. And if you need fewer team members on a project you must be able to reduce the number of tools you use without penalty. Only the cloud based deployment model can deliver that flexibility.


In this article Ian Hunter examines these and similar scenarios where customer defined networks could provide this flexibility and tries to unearth real world examples of where such SDN based, portal activated solutions are available.


Post Brexit Update

After the fan fair of the Brexit vote last year the market has been reacting and preparing for a future outside of the EU. Currency fluctuations have caused some of the big vendors, among others, to raise prices for those buying products in sterling. Here we will take a view on the impacts to date and the perceived impact for the remainder of the year which could see Article 50 finally being triggered and a new wave of uncertainty hitting the financial markets as well as business buying confidence in general.


Key market players will be asked simply.

  1. How has the Bexit vote impacted your business to date
  2. What are you expectations until the separation is complete
  3. Do you think any new opportunities will arise from Brexit?





Contextual Communications:

There are two main issues here that writer Ian Hunter will address;

  1. Communications in a context (i.e., embedded in-app or in-website)
  2. Communications using contextual data (i.e., what you’re doing, or inferred/analysed information about the communications session)

The emergence of CPaaS (Communications Platforms as a Service) looks set to deliver on the promise that UCaaS failed to provide – the embedding of communications in business process applications and here we will look at real world examples of what the key players are achieving with their platforms and asking the question – will 2017 see the merger of UCaaS and CPaaS?


Audio and Video Conferencing


The face of Conferencing has changed significantly over the last three years with the old style conferencing rooms becoming less relevant for the enterprise needs. New conferencing applications are finding their way in to all types of business and has put a previously cost prohibitive technology within reach of all businesses.


We all know the cost efficiencies that conferencing can bring to business but what is actually selling out there? Resellers have access to several options which can range from desktop solutions through to enterprise level conference rooms.


  1. Where is the ‘sweet-spot’ for resellers wanting to sell conferencing?
  2. Where can resellers add value and improve margins?
  3. What are the biggest threats to this market at present? (e.g. consumer products?)
  4. What is the next stage of evolution for this market?


Mobile Data (inc. International roaming)

In this article Ian Hunter will chart the rise of mobile data and take a look at what he believes the future will hold.


For business users, being able to keep in contact via email or use certain apps is just as important as having the ability to make calls. But the issues are MUCH wider than that. Mobile applications need to be integrated in to the overall business communications ecosystem of organisations and as businesses expand internationally many workers are finding themselves needing the same experience as they get at home.


Here we will explore:

  • How are current data usage trends affecting resellers.
  • How is this change in data speeds affecting the market?
  • An Update on the EU Data Roaming directives and what is the likely impact of Brexit.
  • Who is doing a good job of integration with overall business communications needs?


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