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Comms Business editorial team has many years experience working within the industry. Our features represent the topics that are currently of most interest to our readers. Written by experts we cut through the hype and cover the real issues making Comms Business a must read every month.

Below are details of the main features planned for the coming issues; these represent only a fraction of the content of each issue but allow you to plan your PR and advertising activity at the most relevant times of the year.

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Month 2017 Market Report 1 Market Report 2  Market Report 3 Guides
January Voice & Data Distribution Digital Transformations (Primer) Wireless Solutions
February  Call Recording
(including Mobile recording)
Liquid Infrastructures (SDN) Post Brexit Update  Channel Profiles
March Contextual Communications Audio & Video Conferencing Mobile Data – International Roaming
April  SIP Trunks & Phones UC for the SME Mobile World Congress
May Headsets (including mobile) The Rise of Public Cloud Build to Sell: The Facts! M2M Guide
June   Communications Management Disrupting Technologies & Applications Mobile Device Management – Handling BYOD Channel Guide to Security
July Hosted & Cloud based Telephony Making Big Data Work for SMEs Mobile
Virtual Network Operators
August  The Smart Office/Utilities Tech Investment: The UK Landscape WebRTC: A Disruptive Force?
September  Digital Transformation Opportunities Data Security The Rise of OTT Apps
October  Differentiating ISPs Billing Services for Business 5G: Roll Outs
November Call and Contact Centres Connectivity – Getting Access Right M2M
December Preview of 2018 Self Service – Provisioning Portals VR – A Channel Play?


Synopsis For Monthly Features



Making Big Data Work for SMEs

You can’t manage what you don’t measure and Big Data is energising the concept of analysing very large amounts of data and looking within it for patterns, trends, and insights can be applied to nearly any business, large or small, can use to help make better decisions.

The interesting thing for the channel is that we are used to handling and interpreting data – we’ve been doing it for years. The trouble is that we are not really used to selling the concept. The fact is that the communications platforms we provide customers are rich source of information that if not gathered and interpreted with insight might just be a waste of time instead of a route to providing more management information and the means of storing it, using it and ultimately, profiting from it.

  • Let’s start with contact centres where vendors are promising ‘Omni Channel’ interactions can be handled today with ease. How can users mine the data that these applications turn up?
  • Social Media is play in big part in Big Data but are firms taking it seriously or just paying lip service to what they see as being just a short term trend?
  • What do you say to a customer if they ask you ‘What information do I get from your communications platform and how can I productively use it?’

Submit to: ian@commsbusiness.co.uk

Deadline: 1st June


Mobile Virtual Network Operators

What is holding this market back? Many observers are saying that the big network operator carriers are just not channel friendly and face too many issues regarding retention of their own revenues to spend time and effort on developing third party business.


  • Is anyone making a success of being an MVNO and if so what are the crucial ingredients for that success?
  • How easy is it for a reseller to set up an MVNO in 2016? Is there a checklist of questions resellers should ask themselves before jumping in?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing the MVNO market at present?
  • How can resellers differentiate their proposition in a competitive market?
  • Where are the major opportunities in the MVNO market for the Channel?
  • How is the MVNO market likely to evolve over the next year?

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Deadline: 1st June


Hosted & Cloud Based Telephony

The hosted market in the UK has become a fierce contest with the latest count of hosted providers at 90+. For partners looking to differentiate their proposition it’s not always obvious how suppliers are separating themselves from each other. With the number of suppliers in the market we are expecting some serious consolidation to kick off in the next 12 months or so. For now, the Channel has to get its head around which platforms will work for them and potentially look at how their current proposition will fit into the overall UCaaS conversation.

We will ask Channel companies;

  • What is the significance of price in this market or is more about flexibility and features? Where are we in this race to the bottom?
  • What are the major concerns/ challenges for partners selling hosted?
  • Is connectivity still hampering deals? Where are the issues today?
  • How practical is it for a reseller to partner with two or more providers?
  • Is differentiation still an issue? How do you stand out in deals selling something like Horizon when you are up against several other Horizon partners?
  • How should/ do partners choose a hosted provider? What are the key considerations?

Reseller comment and case studies welcome

Submit to: david@commsbusiness.co.uk

Deadline: 1st June