Regular Editorial

Magazine News Items

Each month Comms Business reports on channel news covering from 10 to 12 pages. We encourage press releases on product and channel announcements, contract wins, new dealer/reseller appointments, financial results, charitable events, fun events and market observations. Pictures are especially welcome and should be sent in JPEG format to the editor. We do not encourage hard copy press releases or pictures. Large files and supporting materials should be sent to the address below.

Please note that most news items printed are in the region of 150-250 words.

Pictures: Pictures sell stories. Don’t be silly and send us pictures taken on mobile phones. Yes they may be 10Mega pixels but the lens is about the size of a pinhead! Think Quality!

Website News Items

The Comms Business Magazine web site,, is updated daily and includes news items submitted for potential inclusion in the magazine as well as other material.


Comms Business Magazine has a very active presence on social networking site LinkedIn, in particular our discussion group, The Comms Business Convergence Summit Group ( covers all the key issues of the day. Contributions to these discussions on-line are considered for inclusion in the magazine and for the web site each month so please play an active part.

Any queries regarding LinkedIn please contact Ian Hunter,


Please send us details of events you are holding during the coming year. Where possible we will publish two or three months ahead of the event. Diary events will include exhibitions, seminars, channel partner events etc. If in doubt send it in anyway!

The Great Business Bake Off

A monthly two-page article in Comms Business Magazine examining how provisioning portals work. Everyone who has one tells us their portal is the best on the planet so we put them to the test.

The Article Elements:

  • 2 x Portals featured
  • 400 words from each portal operator (2)
  • 100 words from each reseller (2) comment
  • 4 x pictures (Editor to screen grab)
  • 600 words comment from the Editor test drive experience
  • Box out ‘Editor’s Verdict’


  1. Suppliers have to have a ready to go, in use portal for use by their channel partners
  2. Suppliers need to give Editor unfettered guest access and be prepared to answer questions on its use.
  3. Supply a reseller user contact for interview / testimonial
  4. Suppliers need to answer questions in 400 words
  • How long has the portal been available?
  • Purpose of the Portal – what can it do?
  • Why is it the best portal of its type?
  • What developments are planned?

The Editorial Team will assess from their own use of the portal: How easy it is to place orders, manage accounts, view reports, diagnose faults, interact with other partners, indicate margins per order, per reseller and more.

If you agree with these requirements then contact Editor Ian Hunter, 07818 043276,

Case Studies

Generally two case studies are covered each month. These can be submitted by vendors, distributors or resellers but each case must include the following as a guideline:

  • If supplied by a vendor or distributor the case study cannot be a direct sale. It has to have been supplied to the user by a channel partner.
  • Brief description of the end user company and the driver that caused them to purchase a new application/system etc.
  • The product and supplier evaluation process and details on the installation/ implementation.
  • The case studies should also include user benefits derived and an indication on how user objectives were met.
  • A return on investment position would be useful but user and reseller quotes are essential as are pictures.
  • User contact details should be provided so that editorial staff may talk to the customer to determine additional information as required for publication.

As a guide, each case study should be in the region of 850 words and be accompanied by a suitable high-resolution picture.


Please send in details of personnel appointments or changes together with a picture in JPEG format. We publish appointments each month generally as part of the news page section.

From the Trenches: Reseller Profiles

Comms Business regularly publishes dealer and reseller profiles. These should include a brief history of the company and basic details such as number of employees and turnover. We are keen to report on how the company has grown and what their plans are for the future. Please report upon vendor partnerships, training and staff development as well as any recent contract wins. Please send pictures in JPEG format together with reseller contact details for editorial follow up.

We are particularly keen to hear from resellers who have been established recently (say in the last 12-18 months) to find out how they are getting on and the challenges they have overcome and/or still face.

As guidance a template for reseller profiles is available from the editorial office – email

As a guide, each profile should be in the region of 850 words.

View from the Top:

View from the Top is a monthly interview with the strategic executive thinkers in the Channel. Interviews focus on the wider issues and challenges in the industry, and how the interviewee’s business is working within these areas.

If you would like to take part, please contact the editorial team.

Personal Stuff: 62nd Interview

The new format for the 62nd Interview combines ‘up close and personal’ questions as well as a mini profile of the company and their views on the market. It’s great for getting around 400 words of opinion off of your chest as well as letting readers know ‘what makes you tick’.

If you want to feature in a 62nd Interview then contact Ian Hunter, Editor Comms Business Magazine, email

If you do not want to answer the questions set then why not, as well as the 400-word opinion piece, tell us ‘What’s on Your IPod?’

To take part in this feature just send in:

  1. An MP3 playlist of ten tracks that are significant to you
  2. Picture of yourself
  3. 75 word bio
  4. 200 words on why these tracks and music in general are special to you.

Opinion Pieces:

These are keenly sought and should be market observations by leading figures in the channel, both in fixed line and mobile. Controversy is welcome but being thought provoking is key to getting publication. We are keen to receive pieces on most aspects of channel activity and especially on subjects that help develop sales opportunities, e.g., all aspects of the marketing cycle that could help a reseller develop their potential. You can mention products but blatant advertising will be edited out. A picture of the author in JPEG format is essential.

As a guide, each opinion piece should be in the region of 850 to 1700 words. If you are seeking to submit the larger text piece it is advisable to talk the subject over with the editorial team in order to agree the merit of the subject.

For contributions email Ian Hunter (

New to Channel

Profiling a new or recent to the channel supplier. We will examine their challenges and look at their products and services as well as their value proposition and channel strategy together with our view on how they may fare.

To be considered for this article please contact Ian Hunter,

The Major Interview

Each month we will feature an in depth interview with a senior figure from one of the major channel players. We will explore their view on the market and what their strategies are for the coming year.

To be considered for this article please contact Ian Hunter,

The Apps

Business apps are fast becoming an essential part of connecting customers with companies, remote working staff with the office and this trend is set to continue through 2014. What are the best business apps out there? How are they helping the comms world sell, sell and sell some more!

Mystery Caller

Each month we will pick a player in our market and seek their advice in equipping our ‘business’ with the comms devices we think we need. Each recipient of a mystery call will be marked on a series of criteria and given a score. We will be looking at friendliness as well as technical knowledge and suitability to our imaginary business.


We all love gadgets! What better than to discover the latest and greatest gadgets out there that will not only keep you connected with friends but aid you in the workplace too!

Round Tables

These are sponsored events. For costs please call Paul Johnson on 01892 538348, email

Round table events can take several forms. Ideally we would like to report up and down the vendor channel by having vendor, distributor, resellers and where appropriate, independent software vendors present. They are ideal for talking through applications, strategies and new product launches.

Regular Columns:

Mobile & News Editor – David Dungay: David joined Miles Publishing in April 2012 from a role which saw him editing a publication in the financial services industry. He brings a great amount of experience and enthusiasm which has seen us add a huge amount of content for our readers both in print and online.  David continues to develop our digital online magazine and has taken over the Mobile magazine content as well as the News sections.

Columnist: Bob Emmerson. Bob is a freelance writer living in Holland. He has authored several books and written countless white papers on communications and technology. Bob provides insight in to new applications and how they may impact the channel.

Cloud Industry Forum: CIF CEO Andy Burton participates in our Channel Cloud Xchange events and writes w key column for the magazine each month addressing the issues for the channel in supplying cloud based solutions.

FCS Update: David Dadds, Deputy Chairman, at the Federation of Communications Services produces an update on the issues that they is addressing or comments upon the main feature(s) in the magazine that month.

Main Features:

In addition to the above, every month Comms Business published four main feature articles each of which is two to four pages of editorial text.

Main Feature #1 will be a market report on a particular technology, product group or application.

Main Feature #2 examines the possibilities for resellers to add value and make margin with different products and applications.

Main Feature #3 will focus predominantly on the mobile and mobility related markets that are so intertwined with our daily business lives and converging rapidly with fixed line telephony.

We aim to publish the feature list at least six months in advance and seek to start receiving editorial submissions six weeks before publication. We are obviously happy to talk to vendors, resellers and end users and welcome ‘mini case studies’ associated with the feature subject. Appropriate pictures in JPEG format are also encouraged.

In some cases the editorial team will invite comment by way of a set a questions posed to a select group of companies only.


Comms Business Magazine publishes a range of keenly sought after informative supplements for the channel targeted at specific industry trends and applications.

A separate synopsis is made available for each and the current plans for 2014 include;

  • Channel Profiles: a who’s who of key channel suppliers
  • The Channel Guide to Connectivity, Cloud based services and data centres


Editorial Contacts:

Ian Hunter
Tel: 07818 043276
Email –

David Dungay
Deputy Editor
Tel: 01892 538348
E-mail –