100mb Leased Lines from £650 monthly in Manchester

Vaioni, a provider of Ethernet connectivity and managed security services, has launched an ‘extraordinary’ price to deliver a 100mb leased line to any business, across Manchester from £650 a month. This is a Pure Ethernet, Fibre Optic, Layer 2 premium service which carries a 100% SLA and a 4hr guaranteed fix on the CPE as standard, which Vaioni say they are notorious for.

Sachin Vaish of Vaioni says, “We will be offering different flavours of the service residing on a 100mb bearer which will range from 25mb for £650 monthly, 50mb for £730 monthly and a full 100mb to the internet for £800 monthly.

The 100mb internet service offers the best technology and performance coupled with the best price in the industry. We will also enable QoS as standard so you can utilise the bandwidth for multiple applications.

We have cracked open the connectivity doors and unleashed a raft of high bandwidth connectivity services for Manchester. The 100mb is a great showcase for us and will give Manchester businesses the opportunity to compete against other major cities like London on a connectivity level that has never been seen before and the fact it is on our doorstep is even more compelling.”