A UK First for Music on Hold

The VGP 30 from Retell is the first MOH player to offer music and messages controlled by a desktop telephone.

For only £179.99 ex VAT the user gets a choice of three royalty free music tracks and comfort announcements. Music and messages are played by pressing a trigger switch on the top of the unit opening possibilities for MOH in small businesses or departments of larger organisations. Now any organisation can portray a professional image say Retell.

The VGP 30 comes in three flavours – Satellite (Plug and play), Standard (Mixing software with 11 tracks and the Pro which includes a unique text to speech application. Messages are stored on SD cards. The VGP 30 can also be used connected to a PABX.

The VGP 30 is complimented by Retell’s VGP 70, an MOH player that can also simultaneously play visual messages to a TFT or TV in a reception for example, as well as offering the same MOH choices as the VGP 30 products. The VGP 30 accepts six different types of flash memory cards.