A1 Comms win BMW X6 from Data Select

A1 Comms (www.a1comms.co.uk) has smashed its Nokia X6 target to win a brand new all expenses paid BMW X6, worth £50,000.

Earlier this year Data Select launched ‘Xellerate’ with Nokia, an exclusive customer incentive offering buyers of the Nokia X6 the chance to win a brand new BMW X6.

After three months of competitive purchasing, Data Select announced that A1 Comms, who took receipt of the custom built sports car at the end of last month, successfully out purchased the competition and qualified for the much sought after reward.

The car, a white BMW X6 diesel XDrive 30d 5Dr automatic, was presented to A1 on 30 November.

Xellerate was one of the biggest Data Select promotions ever to take place, with other participating customers receiving funds for marketing activity, Playstation 3 consoles, BMW watches and a range of other motoring themed gifts.