Aastra ‘Soft’ PBX Makes Strong Start


Resellers have given a warm welcome to the new Aastra 800 soft PBX solution which can be installed on a standard PC platform in less than a minute from a compact memory stick.

A recent webinar attracted more than 40 resellers who were keen to discover more about the innovative technology which is set to be a major seller throughout 2010 according to distributors Nimans and Rocom.

Tim Freeth, Head of System Sales at Nimans and Rocom, says one of the biggest surprises has been the versatility of the system which is attracting interest at the higher end of the market as well as the mid and smaller sectors.

Nimans and Rocom held a series of nationwide launch events this year (2009) where each attendee received a starter pack worth over £500 containing everything they needed to get the ‘next generation system’ up and running, including valuable application software licences.

Freeth explained: “There has been a very positive response from the reseller channel to the launch of the Aastra 800 and we anticipate considerable sales growth over the next 12 months.”

He continued: “Although aimed at the SME sector, this cost effective technology is proving increasingly competitive at the higher end of the market, towards its 200 port capacity. This has particularly surprised ourselves and Aastra as we were not expecting such universal appeal this early.”

Freeth added: “There’s been lots of interest in this product following on from the launch events. Resellers have gone away, installed the free software in their own premises and are realising its power and potential. It surpasses their expectations. Seeing really is believing.”

Freeth emphasised how the system is straightforward to deploy and adopt, with a maximum of three days training required for installers to master all aspects of the system.

“The Aastra 800 can run with the widest range of terminals – IP, SIP, softphones, mobiles and DECToverIP technology as well as on ISDN and analogue trunks,” he pointed out. “It can quickly and easily expand or set-up fully functioning offices wherever there is a broadband network, with multiple web-based integrated applications forming part of a powerful, versatile, dependable and fully featured telephony solution.

“Resellers have been provided with everything they need, the ideal launch pad for selling the new system straight out of the box on a no risk basis. I think this has played a crucial role in driving adoption of the technology,” Freeth concluded.