Airvana demos strength of CDMA femtocell

Airvana, the company transforming the mobile experience, has announced results of performance tests of the company’s HubBub CDMA femtocell, which showed dramatic improvements for indoor 3G coverage and performance when compared with using the existing macro-cellular network alone.

Based on the results of side-by-side testing, a typical HubBub user can expect to achieve broadband data rates throughout their house of approximately five times that of the existing wireless macro network. From a theoretical EVDO peak data rate of 3.1Mbps, femtocell data rates also proved to be significantly more consistent than the macro rates, exceeding 2 Mbps in all corners of the home on a statistically reliable basis.

Airvana’s radio frequency engineering team developed custom testing hardware and software specifically for this analysis and measured Airvana’s HubBub femtocell performance in a variety of single family homes, townhouses, and apartments in urban, suburban and rural settings, to simulate the full range of subscriber dwellings.

While much of the discussion around femtocell benefits has focused on improved indoor coverage for voice services, Airvana’s testing has demonstrated the significant benefits femtocells can bring to indoor data performance, the company stated. Delivering improved coverage and performance for both voice and broadband data services is critical given statistics from Informa that show 36% of voice calling and 45% of mobile data usage happens within consumers’ homes.