Automatic handsfree phone from Burnside

Burnside Telecom has launched a new phone that can automatically answer calls in handsfree mode for those who are able to talk but are unable to come to or operate their phone.

The Burnside P230 Desktop Mobile Phone combines the use it anywhere flexibility of a mobile phone and the ease of use of an ordinary big button desktop telephone. The insertion of a mobile phone SIM is all that is required for instant connection to GSM cellular wireless networks without the delay or expense of landline installation or reconnection.

The automatic handsfree answering feature is designed to make it easier for the elderly, infirm or disabled to take calls. However, subsequent market research indicates that many other people whether at work or play would find it useful also.

SMS text messages can be composed, sent and received using the P230 or from applications like Microsoft’s Outlook email client running on a PC connected via its USB port.

The P230 is available from mobile network operators, distributors and telecom dealers.