Average Broadband Speeds Continue Improving

Research by analysts at broadband.co.uk have shown that average broadband speeds in the UK have continued their recent improvement during May reaching 4.25Mbps.

“These show that the breaking of the 4Mbps barrier the previous month was no freak result.” Says Edd Dawson from broadband.co.uk.

The results were calculated from thousands of broadband speed tests taken on the broadband.co.uk site during May 2009 by ordinary broadband users UK wide.

“What stands out though is that despite this increase our tests show that the average line still only receives 80% of the maximum speed achievable meaning that for many customers significant gains could be realised just by their broadband provider supplying what’s already possible.” adds Dawson.

Amongst the worst providers is AOL who on average only provide a download speed 54% of the maximum speed on average.