Burnside and GAI-Tronics to Launch new GSM-based product range

Burnside Telecom has announced an agreement with GAI-Tronics to produce and market a series of GSM enabled rugged telephone and terminal products. The jointly developed products, which are designed for tough indoor and outdoor use, will combine GAI-Tronics state-of-the-art technology with Burnside Innovation Inside.

The first product range will include versions of GAI–Tronics market leading product styles including Commander and Titan handset phones, VR, DDA and PHP400 hands-free help point phones. Each model will incorporate a GSM communication board based on Burnside’s existing desk phone range, and GAI-Tronics’ proprietary mechanical and external components. This comprehensive range of products wiLL offer a broad set of features and flexible power supply options.

Graham Lines, general manager of GAI-Tronics UK commented “This joint development with Burnside Telecom expands our telephone product range and will enable us to jointly market our rugged handsets and GSM terminal products to a global market.”

The first product, the GAI-Tronics Commander GSM, will go to market in Spring 2011. It is designed for indoor or outdoor use where a tough, robust telephone is needed with the minimum of set-up effort.

The company says applications include: Transport networks – trackside, roadside, service areas, stations, baggage handling areas, airfields, shipping docks, ferry terminals, Leisure facilities – Lakeside, poolside, Leisure centres, campuses, Vehicle hire – car rental, taxi hire (wherever someone may want to hail a vehicle), Enterprise – factory environments, goods-in/despatch areas, car parks, high noise environments And more – safety critical areas, security services, Police stations, youth hostels.

Colin Aitken, Managing Director, Burnside Telecom added “GAI-Tronics and Burnside have worked together to develop a more affordable integrated solution with a broader range of power management and installation features. Later this year, we will also add 3G support to our portfolio of products.”