Cable&Wireless Places Three Year Fibre Contract with Brand-Rex

Cable&Wireless Worldwide has awarded a new contract to Brand-Rex. Under the terms of the contract, Brand-Rex will supply Cable&Wireless with optical fibre in the UK and Ireland for the next three years.

During the past five years, Brand-Rex supplied fibre cable to the telecommunications operator, THUS. Last year, Cable&Wireless acquired THUS and took the decision to consolidate all its fibre requirements to ensure that the expanded business was able to benefit from the most competitive fibre cable supplier.

Roger Dashwood, Category Manager for Cable&Wireless Worldwide said, ““Brand-Rex was able to demonstrate an ability to support our demand from its UK manufactured and held stock and also to provide short manufacturing lead times. This gives us flexibility in our optical fibre supply and enables us to provide excellent levels of service delivery and support for our customers.”

Ian Wilkie, Business and Marketing Director for Brand-Rex, added: “We are very proud to have secured such a prestigious contract from a world leading player in the telecommunications market. Our focus was to understand the specific needs of Cable&Wireless and its customers, which allowed us to propose a service model that we believed was best suited to meeting their business needs.”

“Our UK cable factory supplies copper and fibre communications cables to customers throughout the world and has been doing so for almost 40 years. As a UK based fibre cable manufacturer we can offer Cable&Wireless far shorter lead times than companies located in other countries. It means we can accommodate rush orders, and can switch output as the customer requires, even up to the very moment of manufacture.

“Such levels of service ultimately depend on the commitment and dedication of the whole Brand-Rex team, and as a result of that, we are proud to have won this important contract.”

To support this new contract, Brand-Rex has invested in new plant at its Glenrothes factory to expand the capabilities of this already impressive and modern facility.

All the fibre used within these cables meets Cable&Wireless’ Standards and Specifications necessary to deliver mission critical communications.