Call Recording Cohesion for Nimans


The call recording market continues to grow for distributor Nimans thanks to the development of cohesive and comprehensive all-round communication solutions. Systems Sales Director, Phil Adams, says increased demand for call recording is being fuelled on two fronts – the convergence of different technologies and the emergence of smaller contact centres and businesses who rely on call recording for staff training and general protection.

“The consultative sell is crucial in this area for resellers, matching up technology to the needs of their customers,” Phil remarked. “There has been a notable increase in demand for call recording over the last 12 months and I think the main reason for this is down to its integration into more diverse application-based solutions built into smaller systems, rather than as a standalone facility.

“This is giving companies the opportunity to run smaller operations much more effectively, such as call or contact centres. One factor is driving the other as many sales-based companies rely on call recording to protect themselves about miss-selling and to aid staff training. Technology allows them to operate smaller but still pack the same punch in terms of business performance.”

Phil says call recording is particularly attractive as part of a bundle of different communication solutions which is significantly expanding its appeal and usage. He added: “The cost of call recording has reduced considerably over the years and the functionality has increased – it adds significant value and benefit to a business.

“A lot of businesses rely on call recording as a very effective way of enhancing staff training – an excellent tool on how best to handle calls. This is creating more opportunities for resellers to capitalise on as it also acts as a deterrent for staff who may be making calls for personal use.”
Phil dismissed any particular issues with recording VoIP, as he added: “I don’t think there is any different challenge here. Call recording is just as easy to implement here as in the past.”

Call recording continues to evolve, particularly at the lower end of the market, according to Phil who concluded: “It’s moved on from the traditional box to a soft solution; technology which is cost effective, easy to use and manage. It’s a growing market, not so much standalone in its own right, but when associated with other products and services.”