Call Recording Poised to Buck 2008 Uncertainty

Leeds based call recording company Liquid Voice say that following recent gloomy economic reports, many small resellers are starting to get nervous about trading conditions in 2008. They add that for those anxious about generating new sales, a profitable solution is at hand.

“In a downturn, when some customers put off expensive PBX and major hardware projects, call recording can be a life-saver for resellers,” says Chris Berry, director of Liquid Voice, who reports continuing sales despite a slow-down in the wider end-user environment.

“Resellers who take on our products report an average 23% rise in ongoing new business – and it’s the same whatever the conditions. The Bank of England predicts ‘flat’ trading next year but call recording is a growth market and one that will not be halted by current economic uncertainty”.

Says Berry: “In 2008, with money getting tighter and new regulations starting to bite, business end-users will be looking to make more out of what they already have – call recording can deliver the business savings – and the compliance – that companies require. Resellers who’re already selling Liquid Voice know the many benefits of offering call recording and, in uncertain times, will gain a profitable advantage over those who don’t have CTI products in their portfolio.”