Call Recording: Prevention is better than cure


Call recording is a fantastic revenue opportunity for the reseller, and provides high ROI for the customer even after a single instance of dispute. Litigation disrupts business processes, proving costly and distressing to resolve, and call recording can prevent this.

With new time-saving features available at a price that is attractive to SMEs, there has never been a better time to sell call recording solutions says NEC Sales Director Andrew Cooper.

“In today’s business world, call recording is a crucial feature rather than a luxury. It is used by an increasing number of organisations in resolving commercial disputes, in training and refining call handling skills or, for some, because it is a legal requirement.

Call recording has often been associated with the legal/ financial profession, though it can benefit almost anyone. For example, doctors need to be contactable 24 hrs a day, and call recording makes it possible for them to take patient calls while on the road or working from home, with the same peace of mind as in the workplace.

The new and improved MyCalls Call Recorder from NEC has a great time-saving feature for businesses where verbal contracts are common. The sound clips function allows small sections of a call to be saved separately, so potentially important information can be marked after the call and retrieved more quickly when needed.”