Can IP Centrex users still access a GSM gateway?

Can IP Centrex users still access a GSM gateway?

Natalie Porter, Marketing Manager at Reading based comms company 8el says organisations are constantly looking to reduce call costs with a particular focus on landline to mobile tariffs.

“Many organisations have deployed GSM gateways at their offices with pre-bundled minute tariffs.

Whilst mobile operators have been clamping down on these services and banned fixed line operators from running centralised SIM farms, 8el has developed an IP Freeport – an onsite gateway device to enable IP Centrex handsets (using the CallPort service) to access onsite gateways.

By doing this, organisations are benefiting not only from the business benefits of 8el’s corporate grade hosted telephony, but also discounted calls to mobiles vs. SIP or LCR rates.”

Porter adds, “The IP Freeport has been developed over the past four years by 8el and ranges from a 2U server rack mounted solution, down to a quiet office environment unit, depending on the installation environment.”