China Unicom selects ZTE to build PTN networks

ZTE Corporation has announced that China Unicom has initiated a HSPA+ network upgrade, selecting ZTE to build HSPA+ packet transport network (PTN) networks for seven key cities including Changchun, Ningbo and Wuhan, to deliver high speed network access to customers.

In order to enhance its 3G and broadband services, China Unicom has been strengthening its development of PTN technology since 2009 to increase its local network speeds.

Based on PTN and IP radio access network technology, the company has conducted numerous indoor and outdoor tests, with a strong focus on verifying the technologies’ maturity and commercial viability.

In February 2011, ZTE took pole position in completing outdoor tests in Dalian. With 2G, 3G, broadband, next generation networks and LTE services, ZTE’s network successfully delivered PTN integrated bearer capabilities, L3 VPN services and seamless interconnectivity with the existing multiple spanning tree protocol networks.

China Unicom selected ZTE for its mature PTN devices, end to end solutions, innovations in L3 VPN and its efficient construction service. As the PTN network is mainly deployed in urban areas where services are concentrated, it is considered an important upgrade for HSPA+ sites.