Comms-care Opens Second European Office in Germany

Channel network and IT support services company Comms-care has announced the opening of their second European office in Germany. The introduction of the Germany office comes only four months after the opening of the Spanish office in Madrid.

Success in Spain has led Comms-care to provide their support services within Germany due to the demand from their Customers. Located in the heart of Frankfurt, Comms-care will be initially supporting their Customer’s with Cisco maintenance cover to the SLA’s that are in practice throughout the UK.

Citing dramatic growth Comms-care says they have rapidly increased their number of engineers within the last four months to accommodate the demand. This demand for Comms-care European services has grown due to the increase in UK based resellers having more and more support requirements throughout mainland Europe. Resellers are therefore requiring a centralised & dedicated IT support service to serve their European Customers.

Scott Yates, Managing Director at Comms-care explains: “Our resellers are increasingly requiring support across Europe; Comms-care recognise this and are putting the necessary plans in place to support them. Germany is just one in a long line of offices that we are planning to open. Within the next two years we are expecting to have around 6 regional offices across mainland Europe including Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Italy.