CommuniGate Systems partners with MailSite for BlackBerry software

CommuniGate Systems, provider of mobile unified communications, has announced the availability of AstraSync for CommuniGate Pro.

AstraSync, developed by MailSite Software, is an ActiveSync client for BlackBerry Smartphones. AstraSync provides two way, over the air synchronisation of email, calendar and contact data. It delivers the same ActiveSync functionality to BlackBerry Smartphones that is built in to the Apple iPhone 3G and Windows Mobile devices. It synchronises BlackBerry devices through a secure connection directly to a customer’s CommuniGate Pro server, foregoing the need to acquire and deploy middleware servers from RIM and other software developers.

AstraSync is available exclusively from CommuniGate Systems and CommuniGate Systems authorised resellers for use with installations of the CommuniGate Pro platform.

AstraSync can be installed over the air and provides a simple configuration wizard for the username, password and address of the CommuniGate Pro server. After the initial configuration, AstraSync runs silently in the background on the BlackBerry and synchronises the user’s email, calendar and contacts through a secure connection to the CommuniGate Pro server.

Simon Paton, managing director of CommuniGate Systems UK commented: “We are seeing a growing demand for comprehensive mobile access solutions in the enterprise and carrier markets. We are excited to now offer not only native AirSync support for mobile devices like the iPhone 3G, but to also make the same access convenient for users of BlackBerry Smartphones.”

John Davies, founder and president of MailSite Software, added: “With this partnership, AstraSync will broaden its market share with the carriers, traditional service providers, and enterprise customers served by CommuniGate Pro. AstraSync for CommuniGate Pro offers a simplified architecture with higher security and improves reliability.”