Confident Nimans Remains in Upbeat Mood

Distributor Nimans says business continues to flourish despite a general market slowdown. The latest industry research predicts a tough year ahead as the telecoms industry gets caught-up in the general global turmoil.

But at Manchester-based Nimans, there remains plenty of optimism, as Chairman Julian Niman confirmed: “Our business continues to flourish because in this current uncertain economic situation customers and suppliers want to deal with a safe haven. We’ve been around for the last 25 years and are a financially secure independent business with a very healthy cash flow.”

He emphasised: “Our product supply lines and the general state of the company remain very healthy. We have a £6m stock holding with over 98% of the thousands of product lines we sell, currently available for next day delivery.”

Nimans is enjoying impressive performance across many areas of the business, particularly with audio conferencing – where record monthly sales have just been achieved – and also systems, as illustrated by its status as Distributor of the Year in the UK for both Siemens and Avaya.

Julian added: “We recognise the challenging times our customers face but we are in a strong position to help them maintain and where possible grow their businesses.”