Cubix Introduces Mobile Call Logging & Recording

Today’s business climate has brought forward the importance of Telecommunications in organisations and brought to light the dependency on accurate information. Strategically, it is important to have a Telecommunications Strategy to Sustain Competitive Advantage.

This is reflected in the new Directive of the FSA making it mandatory to record calls including Mobiles. Call Management suppliers produce systems for Fixed Line and VOIP Telephony but so far they have failed to embrace the Mobile Market.

CUBIX now introduces a software solution that not only Logs and Reports Mobile usage but also Records the conversations made from mobiles.

Since 1983, CUBIX has been at the forefront of Telephony Call Management, pioneering the industry with features such as Incoming Call Analysis, Call Filtering, Graphical User Interface, Graphical Reports and Colour Codes for Call Types. Now its latest offerings Mobile Explorer & Voice Explorer are out to set a new benchmark in the Call Logging domain.

The CUBIX development team in the UK and Finland has made a tremendous start for its Mobile Explorer & Voice Explorer by bagging a prestigious contract from Google Finland. CUBIX intends to sell it as a Hosted Solution and a Product Package. The functionalities of the software include Logging, Reporting & Recording of calls on a Web Interface in Real Time. With a host of features including colour coded graphical interface for telephony and contact centre reporting, it is a clever software that is easy to use and capable of delivering tangible results for managers to improve efficiency, security and accountability for Mobile usage.

Currently, the software works with Symbian 60 mobile handsets of Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung.