Customer Service Boost From Nimans


Delivering high levels of customer service is a key driver in any successful business. Now resellers have the perfect opportunity to hone their skills and exceed client expectations thanks to distributor Nimans who have set-up a dedicated training programme.

‘Customer Service Fundamentals’ is a half-day course open to both staff and resellers as part of the company’s dedicated in-house Training Academy. Topics covered include the importance of customer service to a business, how it can add profits and act as a differentiator from the competition.

What makes good customer service and the skills and attributes required to deliver it, are also covered by the in-depth course. Matt Booth, Nimans’ Training and Development Manager says companies continue to raise their game to attract and maintain business.

“Customer service is one of the most important barometers of any business. It’s very hard to build up a reputation for quality, but so easy to lose it.”

At the end of each course, participants are asked to develop their own unique customer service charter. Two recent examples highlighted the need to meet and exceed customer expectations – as well as take individual responsibility to put them first.

Booth added: “The same rules apply to us as well as our customers, so there’s always a healthy turnout from our own workforce who are eager to fine-tune their skills. We never want to get complacent or take our customers for granted. For many years our mission statement has been to serve the customer. It remains at the heart of our business.”