Daisy proves a ray of sun despite the snow

When the big chill forced a Scottish call centre to close temporarily last week a Daisy engineer solved the problem within minutes.

The Motherwell office which is staffed by up to 50 people closed on Tuesday and subsequent days when some employees couldn’t get into the office and others had to be sent home for fear of their safety in the snow.

The office belongs to the Huntswood Group, an outsourcing service whose clients include top retail banks, leading life and pension companies and General Insurers.

Anyone ringing into the call centre this week was met with personal out-of-office voicemails and frustrated, they instead rang the company’s sister office in Reading to complain.

Matt Clucas, database developer for Huntswood said: “As an outsourced partner to some major clients, it was vital that we resolved this problem with immediate effect.”

A call was put in to Daisy Group Plc, the maintenance supplier for all of Huntswood’s systems, and a engineer was immediately put on the case.

Nick Craddy, a senior Daisy engineer, said: “We dialled into the customer’s equipment and arranged local diverts to an advisory announcement that the office was closed due to bad weather and advised callers to ring an alternate office.

“The solution meant that all callers were left satisfied that they would be able to connect to advisors and the divert did not cost Huntswood any extra in call diversion charges.”

Matt added: “It took the Daisy engineer just 10 minutes to come up with a solution to the problem and fix it and he has since talked us through how to do the same ourselves if we need to do the same again, which is not unforeseeable if the weather continues as it is.

“If we did not have an outsourced partner in Daisy we would not have been able to solve the issue so quickly and the outcome could have been a very different one.”