deCarta launches location-enabled apps on bada

deCarta, supplier of software and services for the location based services (LBS) industry, has announced its partnership with Samsung Electronics to provide developers with location geo-services on the new bada smartphone platform.

Samsung bada enables developers to create applications for the next generation of mobile devices from Samsung. Through the partnership with deCarta, developers will be able to add maps, location-based search and routing instructions to any application designed for bada-enabled mobile phones. Consumers will benefit from the variety of location-powered applications, available in the Samsung Application Store in the first half of 2010.

The agreement between Samsung and deCarta was announced by both companies at the Samsung bada launch in London.

Under the agreement, application developers on the Samsung bada platform will have access to deCarta’s simple application programming interfaces that invoke a complete set of geospatial services such as maps, mobile local search, vehicle and pedestrian routing, geocoding and reverse geocoding with minimal development time.

These services are built on deCarta’s high volume hosted web services geospatial platform. Developers can take advantage of a carrier grade hosting environment to provide outstanding reliability and uptime. These services will be provided at no cost to developers.

“deCarta is excited to be providing the location component of Samsung’s bada eco-system,” said J. Kim Fennell, president and CEO at deCarta. “Because deCarta’s technology simplifies the task of integrating maps and location-based search into applications, developers can build even more compelling applications, and Samsung customers will benefit from a new class of location-enabled applications.”