Device management boom

As sales in smartphones continue to rise despite the economic slump, mobile device management is the next hot area for mobile dealers to jump on, said Simon Green, commercial director at ESE.

He stated that increasing implementations of smartphones across UK businesses are set to cost corporates millions if centralised device management systems are not put in place also, as staff run up roaming charges and loose critical data.

However, he added that dealers are not focusing on this area enough right now. He commented: “A lot of dealers just don’t know this is here yet. Because of the rise in smartphones, and voice over IP also, mobile device management (MDM) is also on the rise.

“Without a centrally managed device platform, it could be disastrous; staff can surf the internet from beach’s abroad and run up huge roaming charges, or loose not only the devices themselves but business critical data held on them, including contact lists, protected information on customers, dealers and the business itself,” he claimed.

ESE has implemented a software as a service platform for the delivery of MDM in the UK, in conjunction with mobile resellers. This product helped mobile reseller, Focus4U, based in Hove, to secure its largest ever mobile deal with the Transport and General Workers Union.

According to Keane Beaken of Focus4U: “Without ESE, I’m not sure that we would have won this business.”