Ericsson to provide emergency technology to Russia’s SFERA

Ericsson has signed an agreement with the Russian technology company SFERA to share technology for emergency call and coordination services in the Russian market.

The technology, based on Ericsson’s CoordCom technology, will be adapted to Russian technical and operational specifications and provided to the market by SFERA.

Ericsson’s more than 25 years of experience developing 112 emergency response centers for public safety has resulted in the well-proven CoordCom technology, which is based on open standards, well-defined interfaces and commercial off-the-shelf products.

“The technology supports the customizations needed for emergency response operations in Russia,” says Robert Puskaric, Head of Region Northern Europe and Central Asia at Ericsson. “Specifically, its ability to support multi-agency cooperation and to integrate with existing mission-critical communications infrastructure will provide the most effective emergency response in order to protect and save lives.”

According to a cost-benefit analysis and life-saving-operations study conducted in Sweden, one minute saved in response time is worth EUR 1,300. Per one million inhabitants, one minute saved in all rescues for one year results in a saving of EUR 7 million.

Ericsson’s Emergency Response Command and Control Centre uses CoordCom technology to control and coordinate the entire chain of events in an emergency – everything from the incoming emergency call to the dispatching of the right resources, such as the police, fire department and ambulance.

The technology integrates all types of services for telephony, radio and data communication and provides thorough decision support to operators in command and control centres. This gives control centre personnel the ability to effectively protect and share information, resulting in shorter response times as well as reduced damages and costs. Most importantly, it saves lives.

The CoordCom system has been deployed at local, regional and national levels for coordinated emergency response operations, resulting in one case in the largest nationwide 112 installation in Europe.

The introduction of Ericsson’s global technology for 112 emergency response operations to the Russian market is another milestone in the technology partnership between the world’s leading provider of technology and services to telecom operators and one of the world’s fastest growing markets.