Focus 4 U Complain to Ofcom over new BT Business One Plan

Chris Goodman, Sales Director at reseller Focus 4 U, has told Comms Business Magazine that his company has written to OFCOM to complain about ‘both the anti-competitive nature and the mis-selling of BT’s new ‘One Plan Inclusive’ offer’.

“We have asked OFCOM to take swift action in an effort to prevent businesses from signing into the 24 month rolling contract based on mis-information being provided by both BT Retail’s sales teams and their VARs.

Just yesterday, DMSL, the leading distributor of BT solutions and services released a statement hailing the new plan as ‘a big opportunity for resellers’. The MD of DMSL, then goes on to claim that “No matter how many call they make, they will never pay extra charges”. This is a perfect example of what has led to our complaint.

The BT Business One Plan Inclusive does not provide unlimited calls and the customer may well pay extra charges if they exceed the fair usage policy. We have numerous examples where BT have misled customers into thinking that the plan is truly unlimited. In addition, they failed to mention that the service must be on all lines, that it is a 24 month contract, or that they round up calls to the nearest minute…..the list goes on.

BT also make it nearly impossible to find all of the terms and conditions relating to the plan as they are split into separate areas of the BT Pricelist. We have an ever growing list of telecoms providers who support our complaint and hope that OFCOM will take action to protect the consumer’s interests.”

DMSL’s statement regarding the BT Business One Plan was posted on this web site earlier today and this comment by Chris Goodman will be passed to DMSL for further comment.