G1 Touch joins T-Mobile Android family

T-Mobile has announced its second Android-powered handset, the T-Mobile G1 Touch. This premium smartphone, available in an exclusive black edition, features a five megapixel camera, multi touch screen interface as well as the advanced internet and personalisation options offered by Android Market.

Richard Warmsley, head of internet and entertainment services, T-Mobile, said: “We were proud to be the first network in the world to launch an Android mobile and as our first device was such a hit, with 90% of owners saying they’ve recommended it to their friends, we’re excited to be extending our Android range.

“As the fastest growing open apps platform, Android promises the kind of innovation scale that only comes from being available across a range of phones all over the world,” continued Warmsley. “The T-Mobile G1 brought new web experiences to the market, using the on-board compass and fast-type keyboard so you know where you are and tell it like it is. Now if you’re looking for a different model, with a sharp new image, you can snap up the T-Mobile G1 Touch, with a focus on the new two-finger zoom and 5 megapixel camera with quick touch upload to the web.”

With two strong contenders to choose from, T-Mobile expects that one in five T-Mobile mobile internet users will have Android-powered devices by the end of the year.

The T-Mobile G1 Touch is available for free on T-Mobile’s Flext tariff from £40 per month, giving customers £225 to spend on UK and international calls and texts, picture messages, 08 numbers, voicemail and includes unlimited high speed internet browsing.