Gamma’s Keeps Catlin Arctic Survey Operations Connected

Gamma Telecom has donated Communicator, its Mitel-based Managed IP Telephony solution, together with its Assured IP services to the Catlin Arctic Survey UK operations centre. The Catlin Arctic Survey combines a pioneering feat of human endurance with scientific discovery by providing an accurate mapping the Arctic Ocean’s sea ice cover.

Catlin Arctic Survey’s London operations centre is the nerve centre for their Arctic mission which began at the beginning of March. This operation will be working 24 hours a day for several months, involving crucial international calls.

For this reason, Gamma’s Communicator product combined with its Assured IP service is ideal as it combines high quality and high reliability IP telephony with advanced PBX features which are essential for efficient high volume call traffic. Ops room staff have call group, auto attendant, directory and personal diversion features which are customised for their particular function. As the mission advances, the call groups and other functions can be reconfigured within seconds to meet the changing needs of the whole operation.

Gamma channel partner Lion House, based in Kent, has worked with Gamma on the installation. Howard Elkins, Managing Director at Lion house said, “Catlin Arctic Survey approached Lion House to supply them with the communications solutions they would need for their expedition. It was a natural choice for us to come to Gamma for help with the set up of their London operations as we knew we could rely on both their high quality voice services and philosophy in supporting environmentally aware organisations.”

Chip Cunliffe, Head of Operations at Catlin Arctic Survey said, “Communications is the most important element to the successful outreach of this project and its daily updates from the ice. We are therefore grateful that Gamma has been kind enough to set us up with a reliable and flexible service to enable such communications to happen.”