Get more from the business experience


Many businesses are not satisfied with their telecoms according to Ofcom’s The Business Consumer Experience Report which was released this week. Simon Stockdale, MD of Pandala Communications comments on the findings.

“The report states that smaller companies are not taking advantage of the changes in Information Technology and Communication (ITC) technologies. Whilst bigger companies are the early adopters, at Pandala we take our experiences and work with larger customers and pass this onto the SME’s we work with, so they are at the cutting edge of telecoms technology.

With 21% of decision makers saying they did not feel well informed, it highlights the importance of keeping customers informed. As a telecoms provider, we work with our customers to find the right solution and ensure they understand what they want, and most importantly get the phone system that is right for them.

One of the most concerning aspects of the report is that the most common cited cause of dissatisfaction among business telecoms users is customer service. Examples include being kept on hold, and passed around the office before being offered a solution as one of the main issues.

No matter what business you are in, exceptional customer service is the key; try and keep staff turnover to a minimum and ensure that the staff who answer the phone can deal with the problem directly – it’s something I instil here at Pandala.”