Gradwell Launches Voice-2-Text Service

Gradwell, the one-stop internet business provider for the UK’s SME sector, has launched the “Spoken through Spinvox” Voice-2-Text service for its Hosted PBX Platform.

“Adopters can ‘read’ voicemail messages via text or email,” explained Peter Gradwell, MD of the Bath-based company which – in December 2008 – won an award from ITSPA (Internet Service Providers Association) for Best Business VoIP.

“The Voice-2-Text service helps businesses convert their voicemail audio into text, to be delivered by SMS text message or by email – whichever format the customer chooses,” he added.

“With this innovative service we are stealing a march on our competitors,” commented Peter. “Spoken through Spinvox Voice-2-Text will benefit users significantly and shows that we are really motoring forward in advancing UK Business VoIP,” he added.

“We’re pleased to work with Gradwell to offer their customers a truly unified communications service, helping British businesses save time and money,” said Christina Domecq, CEO and Co-founder, SpinVox.