Griffin Launches their First Range of LLU Products

Griffin Internet, who announced a partnership with Tiscali earlier in the year, has now launched a range of LLU services to the channel.

Griffin has integrated the ordering of LLU lines into their Managed Online Provisioning System (MOPS). Griffin’s Partners can now order IPstream or LLU lines via the same provisioning platform and are able to re-grade and cancel LLU lines as well as migrate IPstream lines to LLU via the interface.

One major benefit of the new LLU services is that Griffin partners can offer an additional supplier to be used in fail-over with IPstream lines providing improved uptime. UK coverage for the new products is high and the products offer a low cost alternative to BT-based broadband services.

The first range of products launched start at under £10 pcm and are at 50:1 contention, 500Kb/s, 1000Kb/s and 2000Kb/s speeds. Lower contended and higher speeds are to be launched later on in the year.

Andrew Dickinson, Sales and Marketing Director at Griffin commented, “Griffin is a business broadband aggregator offering our partners a number of different suppliers and products. We have been integrating Tiscali’s business-grade LLU products for months now and the quality is superb. LLU products give our partners a quality alternative to IPstream at a great price and can provide diversity to SMEs that require improved uptime on their broadband. At the same time the LLU Broadband gives our partners an edge and the opportunity to offer compelling but sophisticated services that were previously out of reach to this market.”