Griffin selected to trial 40Mb/s broadband for the channel

Griffin Internet say they are the only channel focussed business ISP participating in BTW’s first fibre-to-the-cabinet trials starting in July. This trial involves testing 40Mb/s download and 2Mb/s upload broadband lines in two exchanges, one in Cardiff and one in London.

Griffin has already participated in a number of trials, including the advanced QoS trials and was the first customer for BTW’s 21CN wholesale Ethernet. Griffin has been leading the way with network and product development in the channel for many years. They recently added a fourth 622Mb/s interconnect into BTW’s 20C network to accommodate growth and now have multiple Gigabit interconnects into BT21CN and several other Next Generation Networks. Griffin is planning to double the capacity of their 10Gbit/s metro fibre ring installed last year.

“Griffin has had a close working relationship with BT Wholesale since we developed the UK’s first Managed Broadband platform for them back in 2003. Being first to market for our Partners is less important than knowing that products work first time every time and are fixed quickly when they go wrong. Our policy is to trial and test with our suppliers as early as possible so that new products are brought to market quickly without compromising quality,” says Adrian Sunderland, Griffin’s CTO.