IOVOX launches app builder

IOVOX is to offer voice as a service (VaaS) in the form of an open voice platform, letting non-programmers build applications that put the functionality of the web into voice services and build an alternative to expensive, inflexible telcos.

Tools for lead generation, marketing spend optimisation, call routing, ID and age verification and real time booking systems have already been created and IOVOX now plans to liberate anyone that has an idea for a voice app to go and build it easily.

The platform opens up a world of opportunity to customers, allowing them to create voice-enabled websites, offline advertising and improve regular telephony through a simple drag and drop process to sell goods and services, provide customer support, understand audiences and response, create alerts and much more.

Voice services can also be drilled down on to generate sophisticated analytics, for example identifying from which cities, countries, advertisements or listings calls are coming, busy periods, average lengths of call and so on.

IOVOX CEO, Ryan Gallagher, said: “The time is right to give the power of web voice services to the public. Despite falling revenues people forget that voice is still growing exponentially and it remains the most compelling, human way to communicate and persuade. There are lots of things you can do with voice that you can’t do with email, SMS or other technologies, voice has a human element and a sense of urgency. But the old telco model is broken.

“Telephony is the same as it was 25 years ago and with our platform we’re looking to change this with its innovative functionality. By freeing up the voice services platform we’re enabling people to monetise their telephone traffic, be entrepreneurial and give a wave of people the chance to build cool new telephony apps without needing technical knowledge.”