Jockeying for Broadband Position

Following last week’s announcement of the merger of NTL and Telewest, and recent news that Sky is making a play for Easynet to enable the broadcaster to compete on its ‘triple play’ offering with the UK’s biggest cable operators, by adding broadband internet access and telephony to Sky’s pay-TV service.

Martin Dawes Systems, a billing and subscriber management vendor, recently commissioned an NOP survey that revealed widespread consumer preference for fixed line operators to supply ‘triple-play’ services of converged voice, video and data. The public poll gave an overwhelming vote of confidence to fixed line operators with a whopping 52% preference, ahead of broadcasters with 13% and ISPs with just 7%.

So there you have it.

But hold on a minute… We hear that Sky and Pipex have just commissioned their own surveys and guess what…?

You’ll have to keep checking back here to find out.