Laptop deals now cheaper than a cappuccino

Combined mobile broadband and laptop deals now offer consumers the chance to own a laptop computer for less than the price of a coffee a week from a high street café according to Top 10 Broadband.

By allowing consumers to spread their payments, mobile broadband laptop offers have enabled unprecedented levels of consumers to buy laptops affordably. Such offers have also permitted people to acquire higher-end laptops over the £500 mark which they might otherwise struggle to afford.

With the appearance of a new deal from 3, consumers can get their hands on a laptop for less monthly outlay than ever before. 3’s deal combines an Acer Aspire A150b laptop with 15Gb of mobile broadband for just £22.50 a month, just £7.50 per month more than a stand alone mobile broadband contract which costs £15. Therefore adding on a laptop to your mobile broadband connection equates to less than the cost of a Starbucks cappuccino a week.

Jessica McArdle, marketing manager at Top 10 Broadband, said: “With cheap laptop deals proliferating by the hour, the days of a laptop being thought of as a luxury purchase are long gone. Combining the purchase of a laptop with a mobile broadband connection can offer astonishing value.

“A price point of £22.50 a month for a laptop and 15Gb of mobile broadband means that even in these troubled times, many people can afford to own a great laptop simply by making some small sacrifices. 3’s deal is a perfect offer for students or for anyone who wants to spread the cost of a laptop purchase,” she continued.