Latest NEC Product Developments Put In The Spotlight By Nimans


Nimans has been busy educating resellers about NEC’s latest product developments – as an informative webinar highlighted the greater mobility functionality and reporting capabilities of two popular communication solutions.

Dozens of resellers joined in the hour-long session to learn about the latest advanced features of the SV8100 (Release 5.0) platform and a new version of the powerful MyCalls call management package (Release 3.0).

Nimans’ NEC Business Manager, Lynnette Smith, said the continued advances in technology highlight how NEC remains at the forefront of the industry – providing resellers with cost effective ways to maximise business opportunities.

“The SV8100 is now more appealing than ever,” she said. “Callback to Cell Phone, for example, when used in conjunction with Mobile Extension, removes mobile call charges. This enables Mobile Extension users to use their own mobiles, as opposed to company ones, and not get calls on their bill, eliminating tricky expenses, etc. We expect this will be a very popular feature.”

Lynnette added: “Regarding the MyCalls Release 3, there’s now a substantial Director’s Report based on a single report summary which automatically delivers the whole day’s business critical performance in seconds. Also, MyCalls Call Centre features a greater choice of stats about an agent’s performance.”

She concluded: “Both Nimans and NEC pride themselves on keeping customers fully informed about how the latest product developments can have a positive impact on business performance. Webinars play a key role in keeping us all in close contact.”

In addition, Nimans is encouraging resellers to take advantage of free MyCalls demo software which highlights the new features and functionalities.