Management Holding Back Potential Business Benefits of Virtual Contact Centres

Handled incorrectly, the benefits of migrating to a virtual contact centre (VCC) environment cannot be realised, warns interaction intelligence software developer, Exony. The company has launched a Best Practice guide to help organisations get the basics of measuring and managing processes in the VCC environment right so they can capitalise on the financial, environmental and HR benefits.

Virtual contact centres enable these benefits by incorporating agents from multiple sources, such as home and back office workers, third party outsourced agents and staff in other geographical regions.

Exony argues that VCC supervisors face two significant difficulties when adapting to the virtualised model, namely: measuring the right performance and resource data to identify service issues within the VCC and planning and arranging changes to the VCC to respond to service demands or unforeseen events

“Planning resources when integrating a VCC can be problematic, but it needn’t be,” said Rex Dorricott, CEO and co-founder of Exony. “Contact centre managers understand that they must be able to measure and manage data to be able to meet the demands of fluctuating call volumes, workforce changes, unexpected events and new business strategies. However, many lack the technology or resources to be able to make business improvements. In our Best Practice guides we aim to alleviate this burden.”