Matching resellers £1 for £1


Daisy Wholesale is offering existing and new partners the chance to significantly boost their earnings in the New Year.

The ‘Consolidate for Cash’ promotion launched to resellers in December aims to help partners achieve their own growth strategies as well as to improve business efficiencies.

This is the first major campaign to be launched under the new direction of Daisy Wholesale Managing Director Carl Churchill, who is confident about its prospects.

He said: “Daisy Wholesale is committed to helping our partners grow and I think that this offer is proof that we are not all talk; but that our promises have substance.

“We understand the value that efficiency and excellent service can bring to our resellers’ businesses and we are always looking for new opportunities to make this happen.”

“By consolidating their services with Daisy Wholesale they can make their supplier relationships more efficient and as we continue to work together as a partnership, they will feel confident they have chosen to work with a partner committed to them.”

The ‘Consolidate for Cash’ promotion offers resellers the chance to consolidate their calls and broadband services, or to place a new MPLS IPVPN solution with Daisy Wholesale, and in return they will receive a bonus that is equal to the amount of monthly spend brought to the table.

Churchill said: “It really is that simple; for example, if you have £10,000 per month spend on calls and move the traffic to us we will give you £10,000 cash back.

“This cash bonus can be invested right back into the reseller’s business, helping them to realise plans which they have in the pipeline but could not previously afford and ultimately helping them prosper and grow.

The targeted campaign is well underway and has met with positive response from both the Daisy Wholesale existing base as well as potential new resellers.”