Myriad’s Jbed software selected for XPERIA X2

Myriad Group, a mobile technology firm with software in over two billion phones, has announced that Sony Ericsson has selected Myriad’s Jbed Advanced Java virtual machine to power applications on the new XPERIA X2 handset.

Jbed, which is deployed in over 300 million mobile handsets, has been seamlessly integrated with Windows Mobile on the XPERIA X2, enabling Java applications to run like native apps, ensuring an enriched mobile user experience.

The integration of Jbed gives network operators and the developer community the option to create new applications and services in either native Windows or Java. Where Java apps have already been developed, operators are able to port these to the XPERIA X2 rather than having to create a new Windows Mobile application, delivering advantages of both speed to market and cost savings.

“The XPERIA X2 is a cutting edge phone which demands highest performance components. Myriad’s deep knowledge of mobile Java and the company’s experience with the X1 made Jbed Advanced the clear choice when selecting a Java virtual machine for the X2,” commented Ib Green, head of software, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications.

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 is the second handset in the XPERIA range, running the latest Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. The handset features advanced email and multimedia capabilities with an improved touch interface and new 3D signature panel, enabling users to benefit from flexible desktop panels designed to categorise business, fun and communication features.

“Java is an excellent platform for mobile developers as it enables cross platform development, helping to reduce development time and costs,” said Malcolm Dawe, chief product officer at Myriad. “As an example, network operators with a Java-based mobile music service can offer their unique service experience on the XPERIA X2 quickly and cost effectively, without the need to reinvent the service.”

The Myriad Jbed Advanced implementation delivers the best-performing Java ME Virtual Machine, as confirmed by JbenchmarkPro, an industry standard Java ME benchmark that measures user experience and performance. This leading technology from Myriad powered the XPERIA X2 to the highest JbenchmarkPro score of any mobile phone, outpacing the Symbian-based Nokia N82 smartphone, which is ranked number two.