NetQin’s Android booster hits 500,000 downloads

NetQin Android Booster (NetQin Mobile Guard) is topping the hot download list of applications on Google’s Android Market with approximately 10,000 daily downloads and 500,000 downloads on a accumulated basis according to sources from Google Android Market. Android Booster is a free mobile optimizer designed to optimize system performance while minimizing power consumption and keeping users in control of the amount of internet usage.

NetQin Android Booster has a set of select features for Android devices, including the following:

Single-key optimization: Allows users to optimize the system by switching off unnecessary processes that are not in use to release device memory, thus enabling the device to have better performance. All this is only one click away.
Network Monitor: Users can set monthly network traffic limits to avoid extra traffic consumption.

Power Monitor: Gives users easy access to how much battery life is consumed by each part of the device. Users can adjust usage if necessary to control power consumption to extend battery life.

Other features include Task Manager, Software Manager and File Manager, allowing user to better manage all the applications in their devices. Moreover, the availability of Widget on the desktop facilitates the use of these applications.

The popularity of NetQin Android Booster on Android Market shows that users are attaching more importance to mobile security and taking proactive measures to protect their mobile devices. Meanwhile, NetQin Android Booster having stood out from among more than 10 similar applications on Android Market is a good indication of its quality and trustworthiness.

NetQin’s services are now being used by approximately 85.97 million users in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide across multiple mobile operating systems.
NetQin Android Booster is available for download both on Android Market and on NetQin’s website.