New capabilities for TeleWare customers

TeleWare, the provider of intelligent communication solutions to businesses and service providers, today announced the immediate availability of Release 11 of the TeleWare application software. This software upgrade is free of charge to TeleWare on-premise customers under their Annual User License and Maintenance agreement and is immediately available to all TeleWare’s Hosted Communications users.

The Intelligent Connect product suite provides advanced call control capabilities that ensure incoming calls are dealt with promptly and professionally, providing superior service for callers, increasing opportunity and enhancing customer satisfaction. An extensive range of building blocks are provided which can be used by the customer to easily construct customised call distribution solutions without specialist knowledge.

The new feature enables calls to be distributed between teams or sites on a predefined percentage basis. This makes it easy for companies to distribute calls to multiple destinations whilst controlling the balance of calls based on capacity and availability of resources and for balancing calls between different team sizes.

A new report identifier for use when building IVRs makes it easy to define where the reporting points are and maintain these as the IVR is modified, simplifying the creation of bespoke reports and saving design time.

A new Priority Queuing feature provides benefits when designing inbound call solutions where customer service levels reflect the value of the caller to the business, ensuring that the most valuable customers are responded to immediately.

“Our primary objective is to ensure that all calls are answered as professionally as possible,” explained Steve Haworth, CEO for TeleWare plc, “these latest developments will allow our customers to respond rapidly to changes in business requirements by enabling instantaneous change of IVR/Auto Attendant and optimising call priorities based on the requirements of the business.”

New and enhanced star services, of particular relevance to TeleWare Hosted Communications customers, have also been introduced in the latest software release. Multiple calls are now be parked in a queue and picked up using the appropriate two-digit code – a feature commonly used by busy switchboard operators handling calls for ‘nomadic’ staff within a large site or campus area. Group Call Pick-Up allows users to answer calls that are currently ringing on any other extensions within the same pick-up group as their own telephone extension.