Nimans Resellers Embrace The Power of IP

Distributor Nimans has been ‘opening resellers’ eyes’ to the power of IP, as a series of nationwide sales workshops prove a resounding success.

The first ‘Introduction to IP’ event was staged at Nimans’ Manchester headquarters and attracted dealers from across the North of England, with follow-up events taking place in Northampton and Scotland. One of the main aims was to give resellers the confidence to maximise the sales potential of a growing IP market.

Nimans’ Panasonic Business Manager, Julie Greaves, confirmed: “More and more equipment and systems are heading down the IP route and it’s important that resellers understand the reasons why, the benefits available, and also how to position the technology in the market, because if they don’t have the knowledge they are likely to lose the sale to someone else.”

She continued: “Resellers need to understand that Nimans has the capabilities to support them – even with network service capabilities – with any project from start to finish, however big or small.”

Julie pointed out that IP represents a major part of the future of telecoms and singled out Panasonic’s NCP system as being specifically designed to capitalise on new market opportunities.

She added: “We want to open our customers’ eyes to the power of IP. The technology is in place to meet the expectations of resellers and their customers. We recognise the challenge facing some traditional resellers who may lack confidence when moving into the IP arena for the first time. We want to build their knowledge and skills set so they are not frightened of embracing a potentially lucrative new area of sales activity.”

One Leeds-based reseller said he found the course extremely beneficial. “I came here because we need to push sales of Panasonic IP products, but there were some grey areas which needed to be ironed-out. It has helped a great deal in boosting my knowledge. The best way to sell phone systems is to know everything about them; if that’s the case you can answer any questions a customer may have and ultimately convince them to buy.

“I’ve been in the business for 25 years and fully realise that knowledge is power; it helps avoid so many problems and thanks to this Nimans and Panasonic event, I can take my IP sales much further forward and deliver the solutions my customers require.”