Nimans Shows Resellers How To Cash-In With BT Retail

Nimans’ Network Services team have been busy helping resellers gain a better understanding of how they can cash-in and expand their commissions with BT Retail – hosting an educational webinar which attracted dozens of customers.

The on-line session entitled ‘Dispelling The Myths of BT’s Calls and Lines’ was held in partnership with BT Retail Indirect Partner Sales and attracted a mix of new and existing resellers – highlighting how they can maximise their margins.

“The webinar gave a full overview of BT’s calls and line proposition and current commission incentives,” explained Nimans’ Network Services Sales Manager Jamie Hullah. “We wanted to show resellers an easy route to earn revenues by offering BT to their customers and maximise income, for example how they can earn extra from ISDN 30.”

Nimans continues to expand its comprehensive network services operation – recently launching a reseller marketing campaign based on Think Networks, Think Nimans.

Jamie added: “Following on from the webinar, several resellers have already contacted the team to register their details so are now able to purchase BT Retail services through Nimans. We’re confident that many more will follow.”