Nimans Trumpets New Siemens Addition

Distributor Nimans has added a new entry-level UC platform to its Siemens product portfolio. The HiPath OpenOffice Entry Edition is designed for growing small and medium enterprises, integrating seamlessly into existing IT environments for up to 30 users.

”It has been specifically created to meet the needs of small businesses with features that make every day communications less of a chore,” explained Yvonne Tierney-Neave, Siemens Business Manager at Nimans. “It’s small in size but big on integral features, creating compelling new sales opportunities for resellers.”

Providing built-in applications such as presence makes HiPath OpenOffice EE extremely user friendly and adds significantly more value to the end user than a traditional phone system according to Yvonne. She says there’s also the option to share information seamlessly from any location, further reducing operational costs.

“Siemens brings its experience gained in the largest corporations to also offer a single device solution for mobile workers. Now it’s possible to use selected dual-mode mobile phones on the cellular network in the morning and on an in-house WiFi network when working from the office in the afternoon. HiPath OpenOffice Entry Edition intelligently switches incoming calls to the most appropriate network.”

Renowned for its inter-site networking, Siemens has built HiPath OpenOffice Entry Edition as both a standalone system, and one that can support multiple sites, as Yvonne concluded:

“Here at Nimans we are planning roadshows and workshops to provide dealers with all the support and advice they need on how best to sell this innovative new product.”