O2 launches £6 million priority ad campaign

O2 has announced the start of a major through the line marketing campaign to highlight the benefits of Priority Ticketing for O2 customers. The £6 million campaign, which is now live, will run across TV, cinema, print and online media.

Since The O2 opened last year over a million O2 customers have signed up for Priority Ticketing alerts and 250,000 tickets have been sold to O2 customers through 100 pre-sales. Priority Ticketing has had a significant positive impact on O2 brand consideration for both customers and non O2 customers.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of Priority Ticketing at The O2 and encourage more customers to sign up and register their preferences. The TV ad is made in one continuous shot, filmed from the first person point of view. It leads you through a world of entertainment at The O2 before eventually arriving at your seat for the performance.

O2 priority Ad campaign will be using Current TV as a way of showcasing it further. Current TV allows viewers to create their own content for television and for the web. O2’s involvement with Current TV on this campaign will allow users to create their own content based on the Priority theme and even upload their experiences of gigs at The O2.