Powernet launches Fibre-To-The-Cabinet

Powernet, one of the UK’s oldest business broadband provider, has announced the availability of Fibre-To-The-Cabinet (FTTC) connections for its customers. The new service means that smaller businesses, branch offices and fast-growing start-ups will no longer find internet speed restricted by their location and distance from the local exchange.

Tony Tugulu, founder and CEO of Powernet said: “Until now, both smaller businesses and those with branch networks have been forced to turn to one of the larger ISPs to receive top broadband speeds in many areas of the UK. The advent of FTTC is game-changing, giving smaller, innovative, service-based ISPs such as Powernet the opportunity to match the broadband speeds offered by the larger ISPs.

“This means that customers can now benefit from the best of both worlds; high broadband speeds with top notch, personalised customer service that only a smaller ISP can provide. Today’s announcement demonstrates our commitment to providing the maximum range of options for our customers.”

Powernet says the uncapped FTTC service provides download speeds of up to 40Mbps and uploads of up to 10Mbps, a vital factor for businesses that regularly transfer data via FTP. Standard broadband connections are heavily affected by the line between the local exchange and the cabinet on the street, whereas FTTC ensures data is sent through this line at the highest possible speed for as long as possible, enhancing bandwidth both downstream and upstream.